Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sugar Cane

Sugar cane plants, even though a tropical plant, will thrive in South California because of the mild weather. All we had to do is add lots and lots of water. For more info on sugar cane, check out wikipedia.com.

The contradiction to the story is LA has gotten less than 3" of rain since July, 2006 (hence the Hollywood fire a couple of Fridays ago).


Ming_the_Merciless said...

This is from your backyard??

Jilly said...

Welcome to the DP family.

Love your photographs. I lived in LA for nearly two years - more years ago than I care to remember. I don't remember sugar cane tho. Lovely pic of it.

In Australia, in the 1930s, British scientists introduced the cane toad, the idea being it would eat the cane beetle that was decimating the crop. Of course the cane beetle simply climbed to the top of the sugar cane to get out of the way. Meanwhile the cane toad has killed so many native mammals in Oz, not to mention dogs. Not v clever Brit. scientists.

Jilly x

Two&2 LA said...

Ming, this is from our neigbor's yard. We do have a few stalks of sugar cane, but we're never home to water it!

Jilly, yes, not very clever scientists at all. Did they take try to get rid of the cane toad with another kind og beast?